I visited Dad today while having his first chemotherapy session. He seems OK.

The most annoying thing is that people have found out who we haven’t told. And rather than keep it to themselves, they have phoned people close to us to find out if it’s true.

Now I appreciate that blogging about this where I am not anonymous makes it look as though this is not a private matter. But I want to be clear that, among other things, this blog is my way of getting stuff off my chest that I feel I can’t talk to people about.

I appreciate that I can’t stop people I know from reading my blog, and I’m not saying I want to. But I would hope that people could use their discretion about what they do and do not share with others. If I wanted it to be public knowledge, I would’ve used facebook to share it.

So if you know me and you read the post about Dad, please keep it to yourself. It is not idle gossip. If we know you and we want you to know our business, we’ll tell you in person.

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