I had a great idea of making Christmas presents this year, partly to save money and partly cuz I thought it was nice. Turns out it’s been quite a lot of work and not all that cheap!

However, one thing I did want to mention was my copy of the Cocoa Orange Nakd Bar.

I kinda love these snacks, and according to the packet, it’s just a bunch of raw ingredients blitzed together. So I took their percentages (10% = 100g) and made my own version. All the ingredients went in a blender to break down and mix together, then got blended with the mini-whisk until fine. The only thing I did differently was add a bit of water to the cocoa powder, and that was probably a mistake cuz they’re a bit soft and squidgy!

So now I have some pretty tasty, healthy, vegan snacks to give out to my friends and family for Christmas. Along with not so healthy flapjacks.And tomorrow, I’m going to try to make the Apple Pie bar.

FYI: ingredients are:

  • 400g dates
  • 400g cashews
  • 140g raisins
  • 50g cocoa powder
  • juice of 1 orange

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