Checked out of the hotel at 11am because Komal and I are moving to a cheaper hotel for the week. We sat in the foyer waiting for Hideyuki for two hours! He was very apologetic. But I won’t get those two hours back, in which I felt like I got the entire history of internal politics in the disasters department of Northumbria!

We went over to the new hotel to drop bags off, then took the train one stop to a Nepalese restaurant. I think Komal enjoyed the food and being able to speak Nepalese! Apparently there are quite a few thousand Nepalese in this part of Japan, but a lot are here illegally.

Back at the hotel around 4pm and we checked in: not as nice as the first hotel but it’s clean and got everything we need. Komal and I went for a coffee to discuss my research project. He started by asking what I wanted to look at, which confused me since I presented on that and we had just discussed with Hideyuki at lunch. I got the impression that he thought I had no idea what I was doing. But I think he was just confirming and repeating what had already been said. Although he did ask some questions about how I plan to analyse my data, which I’m a bit useless on.

Spent the rest of the evening trying to get my aims, objectives, methodology and methods sorted. Feeling a bit better about it after that: like there is a bit of direction. But I won’t get any interviews done this week (which makes me wonder why I had to stay another week) and will need to come back in July, assuming I can get funding.

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