Snippet of a Facebook message from me to my brother:

I’m supposed to be going back to Japan in July but I’m leaving it really late and to be honest, part of me just wants to get a ‘proper job’ (or at least attempt to) and feel like I can actually pay off some debts.

Snippet of his email in reply:

Good to hear you are going to get a proper job and pay some tax payers back JOKE

My rant of an email in reply to him:

I realise that I started this with my comment about getting a proper job, but your ‘joke’ has made me angry. So I’m ranting.

As much as you say it’s a joke, I’m confused as to what money you think I’ve been taking off taxpayers. I funded the MSc through a bank loan which I’m paying back. I didn’t pay income tax or council tax while I was a student because I wasn’t earning anything. I received about £200 in jobseekers allowance in June/July because I was unemployed and seeking a job and therefore entitled to it. I have been paying council tax in Denbigh because I’m not entitled to benefits (a) because I earn too much, and (b) because I don’t pay Mum rent. I pay road tax because I drive and VAT because I buy stuff, but please let me know if I’ve missed anything out.

The work situation is so bad that when you apply for a job and you have more than the minimum requirements, the employers do not have to give you a reason why they’re not shortlisting you, so you don’t know what you’re doing wrong. Statistics say the average graduate applies for about 200 jobs before getting one, but they don’t tell you what job they then get, so it could be something that puts their education to good use, or it could be something like working as a receptionist/waitress.

I have two degrees and still no one wants to employ me. I don’t have the experience to get the jobs I might want or that go with my academic level. And I’m too well educated for the jobs I have the experience for, so employers automatically think I won’t be around for long. And let’s not forget the unpaid intern phenomenon. Why pay people to work when you take advantage of new graduates for up to six months, paying them expenses of about £10 per day? They’ll love it because they’re getting worthwhile experience, and you can just replace them with another new graduate after six months. Of course, most of these positions are in London so as well as being an unpaid intern you would also have to get a paid job to pay rent.

Perhaps next time you could just say ‘good luck’.

I’ll answer the rest of the email another time.

Overreaction? Probably. But he has no idea how I’m feeling about my ‘professional life’, and hopefully this will give him a big sledgehammer-like clue.

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