I have both Blogger and WordPress sites, and one of the nice things about WordPress is the Daily Prompt on the Daily Post at WordPress. Today’s is:

Murphy’s Law says, “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” Write about a time everything did — fiction encouraged here, too!

The idea is that this blog gives other bloggers ideas, and people tag this blog post in their replies. However I use my WordPress site for photography only, so responding to this prompt doesn’t really belong there.

So here I am, responding on my Blogger site.

I have my car, my Dad’s car, and a tractor. My car desperately needs brake pads, so isn’t really roadworthy. I can’t get the key to turn in Dad’s car, which possibly means I need electrical contact spray, as the ‘steering wheel jiggle’ and trying to straighten the key didn’t work. It’s also stuck a mile away from my fields. The tractor needs a jump start from Dad’s car in order to move. I need the tractor to move the bales to feed the horses. My car is getting new brake pads tomorrow.

Murphy’s Law: there’ll be more damage and I won’t be able to drive it away again.

Murphy’s Law: the electrical contact spray won’t work, the car will still be stuck, I won’t be able to feed the horses, and I’ll have to pay for a mechanic to go see Dad’s car.

I feel like there must be more going wrong, or certainly more that could go wrong. Occasional jailbreaks by the ponies, which might prolong laminitis. The thought of having to learn how to chain harrow and roll, and worrying about getting it wrong. Thinking about the need to put up fencing and make paddocks.

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