So I’m feeling a bit better than I was when I write this post: my car did have more damage but it didn’t cost as much as I thought it might do. I got electrical contact spray which managed to get my Dad’s car started, and so I could start the tractor and use it to feed the horses.

Which is good news because when I don’t have the tractor, this is how I have to feed:

And considering the horses need at least 1 bin each, twice a day, and I have 13 to feed, it’s a lot of physically hard work – I’m not wearing short sleeves because of the weather!

My friend came to help me one day in December when I was moving the bales and was really impressed with my tractor driving skills, so she took some photos. All I’m doing here is re-stacking them to try to get the bales with ripped wrapping to the front so I can use them first.

It’s not perfect but I get the job done. When I’m feeding, I drive two bales to two round feeders, and one each to two other paddocks. Over the winter when I was feeding concentrates to some of the ponies, I fed hay at the same time rather than give them a bale. I did that twice a day using the bins, but I think the most impressive part of that job was that I used the tractor to get a bale into the horse trailer, which is only just wide enough.

I was also happy that I managed to find the key to open the diesel tank so I could finally put some fuel in the tractor. And my field shelter has now been put upright again. Still some work to do inside, but at least it’s at the right angle now.

Unfortunately there is always rough with smooth: my water troughs are self-filling, and connect via a series of above ground water pipes. There is also a hose-end to one of the pipes. A couple of weeks ago I found a leak in the connector of the hose so had to shut off the stop-tap to that and also one of my water troughs. Today I found a split in a pipe to another trough and so had to shut off the stop tap to the rest of my troughs. And the really annoying part? I have loads of spare pipe, but it appears the split pipe is a different thickness to the rest of the pipes!

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