Thursday night is TV night. The Good Wife, Nashville, Southland. I know Southland finished ages ago, but I’m behind. And going to be gutted when it comes to an end.

I love The Good Wife. It’s really well written with great story lines, it’s funny, serious, thought-provoking, and I love how it’s so current, e.g. Anonymous, Bitcoin, etc. It also has the rather lovely Matt Czuchry, but not quite enough of him right now. And Archie Panjabi is brilliant: everyone wants to be Kalinda!

I’m hoping Alicia and Carey’s firm will get on firmer footing soon, and it would be great to see them facing anyone other than ‘LG’ (what a pretentious name change!). And great to see Nathan Lane back in.

But one storyline I never liked and really wish they would get rid of is the Alicia and Will romance. I didn’t like it when they were having the affair, I didn’t like it last season when the end-of-season cliffhanger could have been Alicia inviting Will to her apartment. And I don’t like all the flashbacks in Season 5. It’s probably because I don’t particularly like Will’s character, but I just wish they’d lay off.

Unfortunately I’ve just accidentally ‘spoliered’ myself and I think anyone in the US knows this isn’t something that will bother me for much longer.

Nashville is all about the women, but it has some very hot men in it too, like Sam Palladio and Chip Esten. I’m enjoying the mix of characters, from the long-standing queen to the new young star, to the ones trying to make it. And they have such a range of sounds. I’ve never been one for country music, but I like a lot of what they play. I can imagine it’s going to do a lot for Nashville, especially as it’s filmed there.

I really like the show, but it would be nice if Juliette could grow up a bit. Especially now we have Layla for the bitchy queen: don’t need two of them! Last week’s episode ended with Will standing on a train track and Peggy getting shot. Looking  forward to next week.

And Southland. It’s a bit grittier than I usually like my shows to be, but I enjoy watching it. Everyone is flawed, but often you can understand where they’re coming from even if you don’t agree with them. It’s a real shame that it’s been cancelled after 5 seasons, especially considering the rollercoaster ride it’s had in that time.

But what is it with Southland and its sudden, shocking deaths?! First Nate in Season 3, and now Henry in Season 5. They happen so fast you can’t be sure you really saw them. And apparently the storyline of 5.9 is based on real-life events from 1963.

Last ever episode of Southland next week. So glad there’s internet TV so I can go back over my favourite episodes.

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