OK, OK, so I’m late to the party. But what a freaking awesome show! Seasons 1-5 leave Amazon Prime in 14 days. I started watching when there was 21 days left. I’m already on Season 5, and I’ve had to force myself to stop watching several times! I’m so glad I decided to watch it before it left Prime, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have bothered.


I would go as far as to say this is now my second favourite TV show of all time.

  1. Red Dwarf
  2. Community
  3. Frasier
  4. Gilmore Girls
  5. Buffy and Angel
  6. Supernatural
  7. The Wire
  8. Veronica Mars
  9. The Good Wife
  10. Big Bang Theory
  11. House
  12. Southland
  13. Nurse Jackie

I can’t imagine anything knocking Red Dwarf from the top spot, and Community is deservedly #2, but the rest of the order isn’t set in stone. There’s so much crap on TV, I tend to watch the same shows over and over, and it can take me a while to catch on to something good. So there’s quite a few shows I want to watch that I haven’t yet (some of which have already finished), like Modern Family, Arrested Development, Oz, Friday Night Lights, Orange is the New Black. I’ve also heard good things about Sleepy Hollow and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

But back to Community. I love it. I love how close the cast is and how intense the fans are. I love the movie parodies, tropes, insane storylines, running jokes. I think I might be addicted to it. I’m watching interviews, conventions and outtakes on YouTube when I’m not watching the episodes. I’ve found themed jewellery and furnishings I want to buy. I want to watch the episodes again and again so I can quote lines. I want to get a new pet so I can name it after one of the characters.

But I can’t imagine any of my friends being into it, which is no great surprise (I am the oddball) but is a shame. I guess I’ll just have to carry on being weird by myself. Or find some friends who do watch it.

I’m hoping that when it finishes (inevitably after its 6th season) someone will create a new show that brings this cast back together.

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