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Social Media


A couple of years ago I had a Tumblr page/profile and quite liked it. For a while I thought it might take over from blogging as it seemed a nice cross between blogging and Twitter.

Today I decided to rejoin the Tumblr community. For about 4 hours, before deleting my account again.

There’s definitely some good stuff in there. But quite often you have to trawl through all the shit people are flinging at each other. My Facebook news feed occasionally has much more vitriolic (uneducated) hate speech than I care for. I don’t go on Twitter enough to really care.

But Tumblr is just a massive amount of people being aggressive and hypocritical, basically saying ‘my facts are FACTS, yours are nonsense – that’s so typical of your *ism.’

There’s good stuff on Tumblr, and funny stuff too: I used to create it and share it! But it’s just mixed in there, hidden. Like real news hidden in media noise.

I got so angry after reading a few posts, and I just don’t want to my emotions controlled like that by a bunch of strangers. Not long ago I thought about doing the #100happydays challenge. I know someone who has done it, and she’s quite chipper anyway; but I thought it might help me focus on finding and noticing the good stuff every day, rather than let the shit take over.

Closing the Tumblr account today was a choice not to let the shit in. Pinterest is a much nicer, friendlier place and I’m happy there. I know there’s stuff I don’t agree with too, but it seems easier to ignore.

It’s a difficult decision to make because I have a lot of opinions and part of me wants to share them, chime in on the ‘debates’.

But another part of me just wants to be a bit more cheerful.